David Hockney: Combining Art & Technology

Forget about waiting for paint to dry, those days are over!

“Untitled, 10 June 2010” iPad Drawing © David Hockney

The iPad allows you to paint without expensive colours and brushes, replacing the old pallet with a tablet computer.

The Arrival of Spring iPad painting by David Hockney

David Hockney has been using the iPad to paint anything from landscapes to still life.

David Hockney at his exhibition at the Royal Academy, he is standing in front of one of his large oil paintings (not an iPad painting)

His recent exhibition at London’s Royal Academy, displayed a number of his digital art pieces among his other larger oil pieces. The striking images are mostly defined by their vibrant colours, found in the face of the subject or in stunning landscapes he has captured so beautifully.

Local New Forest artist Jeanie Mellersh, a pioneer of digital art has also been experimenting with the iPad.

Sunset Lagoon Pruchten by Jeanie Mellersh

She takes the iPad into the forest and to the beach and paints the beautiful scenerey around her without worrying about her paints and brushes.

She simply finds the iPad practical and easy to use and the digital aspect allows her to share her artwork with a wider audience.

Cold beach at Zingst by Jeanie Mellersh

Woody lane after David Hockney by Jeanie Mellersh