Jennifer Newman Studio’s M-Bamboo Table

Jennifer Newman Studio will be showcasing their new M-Bamboo table at Clerkenwell Design Week this week.


The M-Bamboo table is the first product designed by the Studio that incorporates bamboo surfaces. And because bamboo is a fast growing, replenishable grass it is also a sustainable resource.


When bamboo is compressed in to solid material it initially has the appearance of a high quality semi-hard wood, it transforms into a dark hardwood following treatment to avoid bacterial degradation for use outside.


The table comes in a dark chocolate coloured top for use outside or inside, or in a light caramel top for inside use only.


The frame of the M-Bamboo table is made of powder-coated aluminium as is the M-Bench which fits the table perfectly.


Jennifer Newman Studio will be exhibiting their designs in the Farmiloe Building at Clerkenwell Design Week from the 21st-23rd of May.


Easychair: Transforming Sustainable Furniture

The easychair is designed to fold up and effectively transform into a different chair, reversing the seat and adjusting the height.

Easychair by  Jair Straschnow

The easychair was designed by Amsterdam based designer Jair Straschnow as part of the Grasswork series. The range evolved from a series of experiments in self-assembly furniture and is designed to be simple, space-saving and sustainable.

Easychair Transformation Copy by Jair Straschnow

The chairs are made from bamboo laminate sheets, a sustainable source.  Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and can be harvested again and again from the same stalk.