Around the World in 80 Chairs: Circular Metal Bench, Grover Beach CA

Circular metal bench surrounding a young tree in Grover Beach, California.


Singapore’s Solar Powered Supertrees

One of the first things you will notice about Singapore, is that it is incredibly green for a city of its size. Creepers wrap themselves around the concrete stems that hold up the flyovers, huge tropical trees line almost every street sprouting vines and ferns from their roots and branches.

The greenery  softens the urban landscape and almost makes you feel like you’re in a computer simulation of a city of the future or…Avatar. Gardens by the Bay is a new development which appears to try and create exactly that image of Singapore.

It’s huge solar powered ‘tree’ structures tower over the gardens forming so called ‘super trees’ and consist of numerous different plant species such as tropical  flowering climbers, epiphytes and ferns covering the entire structure.

Inside a Supertree

The super trees are 50 metres high and act as vertical gardens that collect rainwater, generate solar power, and work as venting ducts for the conservatories in the gardens. You can take a lift up a tree and walk along a suspended pass that takes you from one super tree to another allowing you to enjoy the views all around.

They still look a little bare but soon they will be covered in green and will undoubtedly be an even more amazing sight.

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