A Repurposed Australian Tin Shed

While it has become easier to travel in a more authentic and creative way thanks to the internet and sites like Airbnb and couch surfing, this also counts for the buildings that you can stay in. This iconic tin shed in the Sydney suburb of Redfern (which is available to book through Airbnb) was built with repurposed corrugated iron.


In Australia corrugated iron is perhaps a more common building material than in European countries. This house has combined modern architecture with the rusty metal to depict the industrial past of the Sydney suburb.


Australian architect Rafaello Rosselini, whose aim was to repurpose an old tin shed at the back of a residential lot, describes the original building and the renovation process:

“The shed in its current state was dilapidated and structurally unsound. The original tin shed was disassembled and set aside while a new timber frame was erected. The layers of corrugated iron accumulated over generations of repair were reassembled on three facades.”


The grooves in the large metal sheets create an unusual facade at the front of the building, while the varying shades of rust and old paint create a worn out look you would be more likely to find in a scrap yard.


Inside the spotless white walls and the sleek wooden floors, show that salvage does not need to result in a compromise in style or quality.


On Rosselini’s website it states that the “project embraces that it will continue to change with time through rust, decay and repair.”


Photographs: Mark Syke, Richard Carr

Around the World in 80 Chairs: Salvaged Industrial Chair, Blue Mountains


Industrial Chair made from found objects by Ian Swift at the Lost Bear Gallery in Leura in the Blue Mountains, Australia.



Vintage Lamps

Sydney’s Newtown has a great range of vintage shops. Here are some beautiful vintage lamps we saw browsing around last week.



Recycled Fruit Bowls Made From Twisted Paper

Afghan recycled fruit bowls made out of twisted paper, in Newtown in Sydney.



Around the World in 80 Chairs: Teak dining chair, Sydney

France & Son dining chair, designed by Inger Klingenberg Denmark 1960. Teak framed dining chair with upholstered seat. Available at Collectika, Sydney Australia.

Teak framed France & Son dining chair with upholstered seat, designed by Inger Klingenberg Denmark 1960. Available at Collectika, Sydney Australia.

Walk the Plank: Salvage and the Sea

Walk The Plank are a design collective based in Sydney, Australia that specialise in furniture made from salvaged materials.

Founded in September 2011 by Mike Perry and Mark Rushton who wanted to create a casual and fun living environment while remaining sustainable and eco friendly.

Walk the Plank aim to act responsibly both socially and environmentally and try to use recycled materials wherever possible. All their new materials are purchased from a registered land owner and they strive to support their staff and their families helping them to develop their craft while respecting the environment.

The wood is salvaged from old fishing vessels found along the coastline of the Java Sea. The wood has been stripped back to it’s original form, allowing it to be exposed, showing beautiful markings from the bolts used to hold these shipping vessels together. Teak has been used throughout history to build boats in this region and salvaging this old building material represents a new beginning in the mindset of products manufactured in Indonesia.

Since the launch of their business the team at Walk The Plank have continued to support Trees4Trees, an organisation that gives back to local communities through education. Trees4Trees creates assets for these communities and initiates the planting of trees throughout the island of Java, Indonesia.

Working with communities and programmes on a ground level to create positive change provides a responsible platform to improve the life of those involved from beginning to end.

Walk The Plank is focused on building and designing interior products that stand the test of time with style. With their bohemian edge and rustic charm they strongly believe in the integrity of every product they make. They possess a strong understanding of international requirements and global trends and carefully consider the manufacture and design process from its foundations through until its final form.