Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Snake

The Chinese New Year brings us into the year of the snake, more specifically this year is the year of the yin water snake. The water snake symbolises luck, wisdom and intellect.

Jian Qiang folding paper

Jian Qiang folding paper photo courtesy of CBi China Bridge

Jian Qiang has been living in Shanghai for the past 30 years, doing odd jobs to survive. Today, he still very active and works as a bicycle guard and a ‘diehard’ paper craftsman.

Paper Planes

Paper planes, photo courtesy of CBi China Bridge

While he guards the neighbourhood’s bikes, he manages to find time to create hand folded characters from reclaimed paper. These creations are used to inspire children, and to pass along as symbols of luck and fortune to families and business owners around him. Occasionally they are also sold to foreigners that admire his creativity.

Paper Snake

Paper snake photo courtesy of CBi China Bridge

CBi China Bridge recognised Jian Qiang’s infectious passion for his craft and have collaborated with him to share the New Year’s zodiac as a symbol of Good Luck and Fortune. They have produced gift boxes which include a short profile of Jian Qiang and a beautifully folded paper snake. These are a perfect way to welcome in the new year and to celebrate the things we love with the people we care about.

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