Statements of Beauty and Evolution: Jewellery With a Story to Tell

MFEO Braclet Tan imprint - imprint optional and can be customized

MFEO Braclet Tan imprint – imprint optional and can be customized

LA based furniture design duo Made For Each Other (MFEO) create beautifully crafted furniture, but their repurposed jewellery range is set to become something of a craze.

Earrings Greater Than aqua

Claribelle started making her own jewellery despite having no formal training or background in design, she says “making jewellery has always been at the back of my mind since childhood”.

Waterfall necklace

Waterfall necklace

She recalls that she actually acquired her technique for the papel rolling process in middle school, when they were taught to make their own necklaces and bracelets for a school project using old magazine and newspapers.

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After moving to LA to work in the social media and marketing industry she regained her interest in jewellery making.

“I finally made the leap several years ago and began taking classes around basic construction techniques so I could make my visions into reality.”

Steampunk Agat

MFEO has a very strong theme of reclaimed objects, salvage and sustainable design, which is shared by Claribelle’s jewellery. Her elegant minimalist designs are made from repurposed materials such as leather cast-offs, old watch gears and upcycled paper beads.

“I have always been inspired by relics and found materials and am especially enthralled by the idea of sustainability and transforming unconventional resources into beautiful and wearable accessories that have a story to tell.”


She emphasizes the importance of jewellery as a form of expression, while acknowledging it’s origins and the materials it encompasses.

“For the wearer, it’s a beautiful piece of armory from which to express themselves, for me its’ making a statement about beauty and evolution.”

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