Kush Interiors

Kush Interiors is a vintage furniture shop on Holloway Road in London, specialising in mid century modern furniture and African art. The shop is full of interesting and beautifully made pieces crammed together in the cosy small space.

The owner, George Sharman, describes himself as a design archeologist. He finds classic old objects and restores and reworks them, giving them a new lease of life.

After refurbishing them to a high standard he displays them for sale among the wide range of objects in his shop.

Going into Kush Interiors is like going into a cave of hidden treasures, while the shop looks tiny from the outside it extends much further than expected revealing a huge collection of lamps, art and furniture.

The large variety of mid century modern furniture is complemented by African art and traditional masks.

African mask Kush Interiors

George doesn’t focus on fads or fashion but rather concentrates on timeless classic pieces making his furniture perfect for those who want long lasting quality and style.