The Story Behind the Chair: Re-imagining Myth

Between Life & Death Installation

I recently posted a chair designed by Studio Sfog in the Around the World in 80 Chairs series. After publishing the post they emailed me with the story behind the chair, and I realised that there was a lot more to this chair than an interesting cover.

The design team at Studio Sfog were invited to participate in an exhibition at an abandoned villa in Caesarea, Israel. The villa was “hanging between life and death”  as it was about to be demolished and rebuilt.


“The brief was simple: – you can only use the materials found at the villa – after finding 3 old broken chairs, a broken old lamp and a bunch of wooden legs from chairs, table, cupboards and beds that were all thrown about the villa, we accepted the challenge.”


Studio Sfog soon gained inspiration by researching old stories and myths from around the world.

“Inspired by the state of the abandoned villa, we called our installation “Between Life & Death” and started collecting stories and myths about life and death from different cultures. The story of the Golem from Prague, the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah, Frankenstein, Pygmalion (the Greek myth, not Shaw’s play) and Vaudeville carnivals were our main inspiration sources for the graphic language.”

studio Sfog

“We refurbished the chairs and lamp, and, using different techniques, created new upholstery and a lamp shade. We used the collection of broken chair and table legs to create a Gueridon.”

studio Sfog

“We chose to place the furniture in the room that was used by the grandmother of the villa when it was inhabited. The result is a morbid take on a perfect place for a Gueridon, with chairs and lamp for having the perfect afternoon tea.”

studio Sfog

studio Sfog