Houston’s waterways transformed into a sculpture garden

American artist Jeremy Underwood has transformed Houston’s waterways to showcase his sculptures made from discarded materials.


The project titled “Human Debris” reflects both the visual and environmental impact of people and urbanisation on the natural world. Underwood describes his work as a reinterpretation of the waste materials left behind “Human Debris is a commentary on what humans leave in the natural landscape.”


In his hometown of Houston, Underwood focused on reinventing these unwanted materials into something beautiful, while making a statement about the volume of waste channelled into these natural landscapes.


“The project spotlights the environmental condition of Houston’s waterways through the building of site-specific sculptures assembled out of harvested debris collected from the beach.”


Through this project he has made a bold statement about recycling and sustainability, he has not only highlighted the amount of waste left by humans, but he has also shown the value and versatility of these objects. “Each found material lends itself to a new creation, encompassing the former life of the debris into each sculpture.”


“These objects are simply artifacts to support the work, photographed in interaction with the landscape, then left to be discovered.”


Through his work he seek to challenge viewers to “reflect upon our consumer culture, the relationship we have with our environment, and the pervasion of pollution.”