Sustainable Furniture from LA: Blake Avenue

Joshua Tree Credenza by Blake Avenue

Blake Avenue in LA has a wide selection of tables, shelves and cabinets made from reclaimed wood. The products are simple, elegant and beautifully crafted.

Shenandoah Desk by Blake Avenue

Most of the materials that go into Blake Avenue furniture is recovered from architecture that dates back 80 to 150 years and are hand picked and reworked to a high standard.

Krisel Dresser by Blake Avenue

Blake Avenue seek to preserve precious materials with design and craftsmanship that will allow their pieces to last another lifetime.

Tall Lake Tahoe 3 Drawer Dresser by Blake Avenue

Every piece has its own unique characteristics carrying their own stories showing the  the complex and lengthy lifecycle these timbers, carrying with them a history of use and production that will never be repeated.

Shenandoah Hybrid Cabinet by Blake Avenue

Blake Avenue gives these old and sturdy materials a new lease of life by incorporating them into contemporary designs and restoring them to a quality that is built to last.

Eckso Bench by Blake Avenue

Easychair: Transforming Sustainable Furniture

The easychair is designed to fold up and effectively transform into a different chair, reversing the seat and adjusting the height.

Easychair by  Jair Straschnow

The easychair was designed by Amsterdam based designer Jair Straschnow as part of the Grasswork series. The range evolved from a series of experiments in self-assembly furniture and is designed to be simple, space-saving and sustainable.

Easychair Transformation Copy by Jair Straschnow

The chairs are made from bamboo laminate sheets, a sustainable source.  Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and can be harvested again and again from the same stalk.