Freyja Sewell at Clerkenwell Design Week

Freyja Sewell_HUSH_002_CDW

Freyja Sewell HUSH at CDW

One of the exciting artists exhibiting at Clerkenwell Design Week is Freyja Sewell. Her work has a strong theme of sustainability, and her HUSH pods creating a private space with-in a publicworld are particularly impressive.

Freyja Sewell_HUSH_005_CDW

Freyja Sewell HUSH at CDW

The amount of thought and practicality Frejya has put into the design of HUSH as an enclosed space providing a personal retreat is remarkable. She emphasises that modern society, technology and architecture offer great ways to connect on multiple levels but can leave little room for privacy in our everyday lives.

Freyja Sewell_002_CDW

Freyja Sewell at CDW

Through HUSH she seeks to provide a way to balance the pressures of growing populations and overcrowding with the need for individual space.

“HUSH provides a personal retreat, a luxurious escape into a dark, hushed, natural space in the midst of a busy hotel, airport, office or library. HUSH provides a quiet space in an age of exponential population growth, where privacy and peaceful respite is an increasingly precious commodity.”

Freyja Sewell_HUSH_in_Selfridges_001_CDW

Freyja Sewell HUSH at Selfridges, London.

Frejya uses sustainably produced wool for the body of HUSH and recycled wool fibers for the internal padding, produced as a by-product of the British carpet industry.

Freyja Sewell_001_CDW

Freyja Sewell HUSH at CDW

The HUSH pods are manufactured by Ness Furniture in Durham by skilled furniture craftsmen and women, helping to support and revitalise Britain’s ancient heritage of makers.

Freyja Sewell_HUSH_001_CDW

Look out for Freyja at Clerkenwell Design Week at House of Detention.