Furniture Magpies’ Metamorphosis


Furniture Magpies create furniture from discarded materials, providing an alternative to adding to landfills. These unique constellations that use a combination of discarded furniture, look more like art than functional objects.

“Furniture Magpies offers an alternative to mass produced furniture, specialising in regenerating old furniture to meet the desires of modern consumers.”


This coat stand is made with the back of several dining chairs, the design blends different chair styles while retaining the individuality of each component.

The beautiful visual composition is also surprisingly versatile adding to the atmosphere of a room.


The ‘Lovely Legs’ climbing wall lamp is made with discarded Windsor chair legs and copper elbows.

Furniture Magpies emphasise the importance of the history and memories carried by the pieces that make up the final product.

“Our work strives to retain the character and story of the furniture we use, allowing the user an insight into their items original identity.”


‘Hang on to your Drawers’ coffee table made with reclaimed old drawers.

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