Street Art in Bogota

Street art outside a cafe in La Candelaria, Bogota’s old town, in Colombia. The woman is holding up a sign saying “nadie gana” (- nobody wins) below a game of noughts and crosses.


Street Art Bogota

A man pushes a cart past a building decorated with murals in La Candelaria, Bogota – Colombia.


Street Art Bogota

This painting was hidden away on a quiet street in La Candelaria, the old town in Bogota, Colombia. The style was similar to some of the street art we saw in Cartagena but had a more sinister look with darker tones. The weather in Bogota is a lot colder and more cloudy than Cartagena, but La Candelaria is still full of a vast amount of incredible street art and the colonial adobe houses are painted in bright colours. It has a very creative and inspiring feel and the huge green mountains looming over the neighbourhood make it all the more intense and inspiring.


Street Art Cartagena

Colombia is a very colourful country – in every sense of the word – and this is reflected in the street art that decorates the walls of many inner city buildings. This painting was on an old door in a small square in Cartagena’s old town, a few minutes walk from the walled city. The bright colours and strong defining lines make this image all the more powerful.


Photo courtesy of Natasha Mellersh


The Seamstress: Metal Sculptures Cartagena – Colombia

A metal sculpture depicting a seamstress in Plaza Pedro San Claver in Cartagena’s old town in Colombia.


The Shoeshiner: Metal Sculptures Cartagena- Colombia

A metal sculpture depicting a shoeshiner beckoning customers in Plaza Pedro San Claver in Cartagena’s old town, Colombia.