Reclaiming the Garden

How often do you see junk in peoples gardens? Old chairs, wooden planks and every so often an old bathtub will litter people’s lawns. Removing bulky objects can be an expensive and laborious task. Sometimes this will even build up until it becomes a bit of an eyesore, however there are plenty of ways to integrate discarded objects into your garden without even removing them.


I saw this beautiful gold painted bathtub in an old winter garden in Christchurch, New Zealand. After the earthquake countless homes were left badly damaged or destroyed completely. This affected gardens too, but nature has a great way of recovering and this particular garden has been transformed not lost. This old bathtub was painted in gold and placed in a disused glasshouse, as the plants have flourished they have almost engulfed the bathtub making it a central part of the winter garden.

Walk the Plank: Salvage and the Sea

Walk The Plank are a design collective based in Sydney, Australia that specialise in furniture made from salvaged materials.

Founded in September 2011 by Mike Perry and Mark Rushton who wanted to create a casual and fun living environment while remaining sustainable and eco friendly.

Walk the Plank aim to act responsibly both socially and environmentally and try to use recycled materials wherever possible. All their new materials are purchased from a registered land owner and they strive to support their staff and their families helping them to develop their craft while respecting the environment.

The wood is salvaged from old fishing vessels found along the coastline of the Java Sea. The wood has been stripped back to it’s original form, allowing it to be exposed, showing beautiful markings from the bolts used to hold these shipping vessels together. Teak has been used throughout history to build boats in this region and salvaging this old building material represents a new beginning in the mindset of products manufactured in Indonesia.

Since the launch of their business the team at Walk The Plank have continued to support Trees4Trees, an organisation that gives back to local communities through education. Trees4Trees creates assets for these communities and initiates the planting of trees throughout the island of Java, Indonesia.

Working with communities and programmes on a ground level to create positive change provides a responsible platform to improve the life of those involved from beginning to end.

Walk The Plank is focused on building and designing interior products that stand the test of time with style. With their bohemian edge and rustic charm they strongly believe in the integrity of every product they make. They possess a strong understanding of international requirements and global trends and carefully consider the manufacture and design process from its foundations through until its final form.