Chandeliers in Modern Interiors

Chandeliers are often associated with grand old mansions or palaces, beautiful big contraptions lighting up grand halls from high ceilings. With a bit of DIY or accessorising this kind of lighting can make even the tiniest flat sparkle. New designers have taken a modern spin on this traditional way of lighting.

Colours, beads, wires, old clocks and buttons are some of the a features making up these magnificent ceiling lamps. The diversity in style and design makes these features perfect for homes or businesses whatever the size.

Azimut is an Italian company specialising in design of chandeliers based in the hills of Montespertoli, near Florence. Raffaello Nebbiai and Alessandra Antonini design and produce ceiling lamps sconces in special, unique shapes. Beads and colourful glass and crystal decorate these stunning structures. Combined with high quality craftsmanship combining tradition with playful modern styles.

The experimental nature of their creations allows these chandeliers to be works of art as well as having a primary function. The pieces are designed as unique handcrafted chandeliers and are tailored to customers needs. They are a quirky way of decorating spaces and bring vibrant colours to a room giving it plenty of character and setting a great atmosphere.