Cardboard Narvik Chair

Cardboard Narvik Chair with stripes finish from Cardboard Concept

Stripes finish

Cardboard Concept

Simple chair in variant finish option

Cardboard Concept uses recyclable cardboard to create stylish modern eco furniture. The highly innovative company focuses on high quality designer pieces suitable for a range of different settings.

Narvik chair in color finish option with froger desk- bespoke design

The sleek design of the Narvik chair does not fit into the stereotypical image of eco furniture. It’s sturdy elegant build is that of a piece usually found in a modern gallery.

Narvik chair in variant finish option

Carboard Concept’s unique designs and advanced use of cardboard allows them to create eccentric and simple shapes built to last.

High stools- bespoke design

All their products are fully handmade allowing every piece to meet their high standards of quality.

Simple chairs as dining chairs , classic finish option

Cardboard Concept focuses on sustainable green living and makes use of  new technologies in handmade furniture making.


Using 100% recyclable cardboard from local sources, environmentally friendly glues and paints allowing their products to be produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Sumo- wall mounted TV unit-bespoke design