LASSCO: Salvage, Lunch and Other Curiosities

I recently went for lunch at Brunswick House in Vauxhall, not realising this was a hotspot for antiques and salvaged goods.

The Georgian townhouse looks a little out of place surrounded by the overbearing characterless high rise office buildings around it.

Walking into the old building with an endless ceiling and charming decor was like stepping into another world, away from the busy traffic and stressful office life.

There were old mirrors and clocks on the walls and random pieces of furniture were dotted around, such as a garden gate or an old sewing table.

What makes Brunswick House so fun, is that all the furniture is for sale. There are a huge range of different pieces available, from door knobs to large antique baths.

The rooms are used to display the objects but also serve as function rooms. A perfect setting for creative projects and fashion shoots as well as parties. This also serves as an inspiration for designers and decorators showing ways in which the furniture can be used.

The cafe served delicious traditional food from the small daily menu. Before my lunch arrived I had a chance to peer around the magnificent old building.

Had it been smaller it would have looked cluttered, instead the vast expanse of the building made it look like an exhibition space with a cosy cafe tucked into the middle.

Brunswick House is part of LASSCO a company that specialises in restoration and architectural salvage. They rescued the then derelict building from squatters in 2004 and slowly restored the old Georgian mansion to resemble its grand history.

The Parlour in Brunswick House before restoration

Ballroom of Brunswick House in 2004

The former home of the Dukes of Brunswick which was built in 1758, it looks a little different now with busy roads replacing the three acres of parkland once surrounding it. However it is wonderful to see that such beautiful old buildings can still be saved and be restored to a level where they can be used as busy functional spaces that everyone can enjoy.

Recycled Art Lisbon

Apart from the rich history stunning views and beautiful architecture, Lisbon has a thriving art scene. It has a numerous galleries and museums being home to the fashion museum.

The street art and the diverse culture in the city show that the art scene is still very much alive. While walking up the hill to St Jorge’s castle to admire the view I stumbled upon this little cafe which had a huge recycled sculpture suspended in the middle of the courtyard.



It was made from what looked almost like brillo pads, a large ball of mesh wiring bundled together into a smooth wavy texture. Parts of it were starting to rust, however this only added to its charm and gave it some more colour. It’s simple design and it’s shape allowed it to create an atmosphere and give the courtyard a quirky look. Reworking old materials is a theme in Lisbon, this is evident in design all across the city.