A Musical House Powered by the Rain

The Kunsthofpassage in Dresden, Germany is home to a number of beautiful buildings. The Kunsthopassage is made up of a complex of five courtyards and was inspired and designed by Dresden artists.

Each courtyard is the result of a vision of a different artist and combines art and architecture in their respective themes. The ‘courtyard of elements’ focuses of natural elements and animals, playing with rainwater and light.

It is home to the ‘courtyard of water’ which integrates metal funnels and pipes to the facade of the building resulting in musical sounds when it rains.

The water trickles down through a series of funnels making music through its descent. The instruments are attached to the wall of the building in big structures that join together allowing the water to ring through every pipe.

Blue and turquoise colours give the courtyard a vibrant and natural feel, while the gushing sound of the rain gives a calming feeling to residents and visitors. The structures portray how architecture and art can incorporate natural elements to enhance both the aesthetic value but also create a function within a building.