From Furnishings to Fashion

Artist Jeanie Mellersh and Ellen Fellows

Three of Ellen’s jackets made from silk sari off cuts on a tailored base.

Ellen Fellows works in her studio in the New Forest in England to produce the unique vibrant jackets, boots and other clothing.

Ellens Workshop

Ellen’s workshop at Godshill in the New Forest England

From the cut-off pieces of Indian Silk saris, Ellen has fashioned a series of brilliantly coloured jackets.

Jacket Ellen Fellows

A unique blouse made from silk originally intended for
school ties

Ellen's Workshop

Jacket in Pied Piper style with Liripipe hat

Ellen started by making jackets for herself by the time she had made over 40, her husband suggested it was time to make them for other people too.

A military style jacket worn by Ellen

A military style jacket worn by Ellen

This prompted her to start her own business and she founded Bellesque. Ellen has taught herself the skills she needs for creating these beautiful clothes.

Floral jacket by Ellen Fellows

Floral jacket by Ellen Fellows

Making jackets remain Ellen’s passion and this continues to be at the heart of her business, although she has recently also started creating fantastic boots.

Boots Ellen Fellows

Thigh high boots made from recycled boots and furnishing fabric

Using boots from charity shops, she adds thigh-high leggings frequently made from furnishings and discarded cloth.

Boot made from recycled materials

Boot made from recycled materials

By reusing old materials made from disused furniture and cut off silk she does not only create beautifully original pieces but also gives it a second chance to be beautiful.

Sari cut offs

Sari off cuts from India