Up-cycled cushions from vintage embroidery

These cushions are made using vintage Danish needlepoint and embroidery. Re-crafted to honour the love and effort put into the embroideries, and to give them a stylish new lease of life.


Cushions often come in sets of two or more with a common theme.

Up-cycled needlepoint cushions by Christina Stentoft.

Each cushion is unique.

Up-cycled needlepoint cushions by Christina Stentoft.

Discarded treasures found in Copenhagenʼs junk shops and flea markets are carefully unpicked and separated from their original setting.

Each embroidery design is sewn onto a backing before being bordered by cloth in complementary colours.

Up-cycled needlepoint cushions by Christina Stentoft.

Matching colours and contrasting trim are selected.

Up-cycled needlepoint cushions by Christina Stentoft.

The finished product.

Up-cycled needlepoint cushions by Christina Stentoft.

All photos courtesy of Christina Stentoft.

Around the World in 80 Chairs: vintage rocking chair, California

Vintage upholstered wooden rocking chair at a yard sale in Northern California near Grass Valley.




Salvaged Lighting: Colourful Tin and White Bulbs

The new stock at Retrouvius contains a range of simple but elegant lighting fixtures. Here are some of my favourites.

Large opaque pendant

I particularly liked this style as it has a very vintage feel and appears as quintessentially English.

opaque glass pendant

The large white bulbs allow for a soft bright light and the design is both simple and versatile for a variety of different interiors.

Red aluminium pendants

I really liked the colours of these aluminium pendants, the tin may normally be classed as signifying an industrial look, however the colour brings out something more vibrant and playful.

yellow lamps

The simplicity of the coloured tin allows these lights to fit in with varying decors, while sustaining an eccentric and fashionable look.

Aluminium shades

Kelly Swallow vs Banksy

Kelly Swallow, who is best knows for her colourful patchwork chairs and beautiful upholstered furniture, has taken some inspiration from one of the UK’s best loved artists…the unknown Banksy. For those of you who came across his street art you will probably recognise the image at the centre of this design. This chair’s simple soft colours, make it very versatile and perfect for a cosy stylish home.

Kelly Swallow's Banksy chair

Kelly Swallow’s Banksy chair. Photo courtesy of Kelly Swallow.

Islington has it’s fair share of Banksy treasures, decorating the walls a number of buildings on Essex road. Who would have thought that street art and upholstered furniture would be so compatible.

The Vintage Home Show Travels North

The Vintage Home Show is coming to Manchester this weekend. The show will be held at the Victoria Baths on Sunday the 9th of June from 11am – 4pm, and will be showing mid-century furniture, retro lighting, vintage textiles and artwork among many other things. If you can’t make it to Manchester this weekend there will be another Vintage Home Show in London later this year. Here is a short clip about the event to give you a little taster.

Thomas Chippendale: Google celebrates furniture

I was surprised to see the Google doodle in the form of furniture today. Google is celebrating Thomas Chippendale and the legacy of his furniture, which rather amazingly is still popular today almost 250 years after his heyday. He published The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker’s Director in 1754 (which is still in print!), a book of his designs. His wide range of elaborate and often exotic designs, fascinated noblemen of his time. Here is a clip from the excellent BBC documentary on this remarkable craftsman and his furniture.