Shake the Dust: Sustainable Jewellery

Quazi Design transforms waste paper into colourful accessories, these Tehuti rings are made from discarded magazines.


Tehuti rings by Quazi Design

“We push the boundaries of our raw material, developing interesting techniques; including layering magazine pages to recreate the impression of wood, as if transforming the material back to its original form.”


Tehuti rings by Quazi Design

The discarded paper is used to create a wide range of sustainable products, from jewellery to interiors.

“We showcase our innovative paper fashion and each year we offer our customers cutting edge collections which are motivated by new approaches to recycling paper.”


Tehuti Collection by Quazi Design

Based in Swaziland, the company promotes craftsmanship and sustainability and offers training to designers and artisans interested in ethical design.

Products by Quazi Design are also available at Shake the Dust a design brand which specialises in ethical products and sources, commissions and sells hand-made, luxury homeware and accessories.

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