Studio Sfog: The Spirit of Bricolage

The Israeli design studio Sfog specialise in reusing and recycling of abandoned and forgotten objects found in warehouses, streets and flea markets. Their functionality is altered in the process to create new contexts and uses.



The studio’s creations range from unique, one of a kind items, series and interior design. Each work is handcrafted and tells its own individual story, thus revealing the fine line between art and design.


“This approach allows us to address design with an open mind, challenging art with functionality.”


Studio Sfog enjoy working in the spirit of bricolage, referring to Claude Levi Strauss’ book “The Science of the Concrete” where Strauss describes this as

“the infinite, improvisational recombination of a fixed series of elements by the designer improviser with tools not intended originally for the purpose in front of him”.


While both Yotam and Gidi hold a degree in design from two of the top schools in Israel, and keep up to date with the latest design styles and strategies, they choose not to solely rely on the standard techniques and tools available to the classic designer.


They prefer instead to focus on logic and self-study inside and outside of the studio.


“We let our work process guide the design and set its mark on the final product. This enables us to show the beauty and sophistication of the design solutions and reveal a new narrative from the original objects.”

2 thoughts on “Studio Sfog: The Spirit of Bricolage

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