Raindrops Take Flight: Perfect Symmetry and Kinetic Sculptures

This is a beautiful art installation I saw in Terminal 1 at Changi Aiport in Singapore. Although it has very little to do with recycling, I thought I would include it on the blog because of it’s sheer beauty and the way it links art and technology.

“Kinetic Rain” consists of two symmetrical elements composed of 608 individual drops made of lightweight aluminium covered with copper. Each drop is connected with a very thin steel rope to a computer-controlled motor moving it precisely up and down.

The sculpture was designed by ART+COM a Berlin based non-profit organisation which aims to explore the new mediums applied possibilities in the fields of art, design, science and technology. The installation is situated above the escalators, so it can be seen from underneath, above and from numerous different angles. This offers various different perspectives and visual experiences for the passengers passing through the terminal.


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