Vintage Sydney


Sydney has a surprisingly good selection of vintage shops. Surprising to me at least, with my naive image of Australia.


There are even a few quirky upcycled pieces if you can spot them among all the furniture on display.


The Newtown area almost emulates a more pleasant greener Shoreditch but with better weather of course.


The suburbs of Sydney, much like those in London, act as a number of small villages forming a large city. Each one with its own character and atmosphere.


Being close to the university, Newtown not only has a number of fantastic cafes and bars and antique and vintage shops ;but the eccentric characters on the street are the people that make it really interesting.


The types of antique and vintage pieces on sale In the small shops often reflect the recent history of the European immigrants.


There are also a significant number of electrical items on display here such as old telephones, radios and tvs.


Overall there is an astonishing amount of choice and aesthetic value in these stores.


It’s a perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoons, browsing the shops and stopping off for a coffee and a delicious cake on the way.

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