For the 3rd year running, Hendzel + Hunt are organising a 24 HR Design Challenge.
The 24HR Design Challenge is based on an experimental approach to their MADE IN PECKHAM range.


They invite a select group of designers to compete in a 24 hour design and make project. Inspired by their MADE IN PECKHAM range of furniture, Hendzel + Hunt aim to focus on sustainability, up-cycling and localism.

“We believe that using recovered material is not simply a practical and sustainable necessity.”


Hinckley Table by Hendzel + Hunt for the Made In Peckham range.

They also emphasise the individuality of materials and objects.

“Materials and objects also hold their own stories, they come from specific cultural environments and processes. These valuable stimuli can provide starting points, references and ideas for the design of contemporary objects.”


Record Player by team It’s Bin A Long Time for the 2011 24HR Design Challenge.


The MADE IN PECKHAM range presents recycled materials as aesthetically valuable as well as forming strong building blocks for high quality furniture.


Record Player by the Duchess of Peckham team for the 2011 24HR Design Challenge.

Record Player by team Singer for the 2011 24HR Design Challenge.

Record Player by The Singer team for the 2011 24HR Design Challenge.

The Design Challenge encourages creativity and pushes the teams to work together and produce a functioning object from recycled materials.


Pinball machine by team Charlie Chaplin for the 2012 24HR Design Challenge.


Pinball machine by team Famous 5 for the 2012 24HR Design Challenge.

The challenge also shows the public how valuable discarded objects can be in creating something of value – upcycling materials into a functional end product. In 2011 they also held a 24Hour Design Challenge in New Delhi in India.


Design Challenge India, New Delhi.

Here is a video of the 24HOUR DESIGN CHALLENGE held by Hendzel + Hunt in 2011.

Hendzel + Hunt 24hr Design Challenge Documentary from Jan Hendzel on Vimeo.


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