Hendzel + Hunt: Reclaimed Aesthetic Made in Peckham


Hendzel + Hunt are a vibrant, young design studio based in South London, specialising in the manufacture and design of bespoke cabinets and furniture using reclaimed and sustainable materials, to create custom made products as well as their own range, Made in Peckham.


With engineering backgrounds to support their skills as craftsmen, Hendzel and Hunt highlight the origins of a product using balance, proportion, and composition to transform rough materials into objects of desire.


Hendzel and Hunt are pushing what can be achieved in the reclaimed aesthetic, whilst aiming to establish a tangible relationship between maker and owner.

fenwick_ladders_mainThe final pieces represent a process that allows the public a far greater understanding of the products life cycle.


Ranging from single pieces (such as this cabinet and table featured in our previous posts) to complex and sophisticated interiors, their dedicated multidisciplinary team, strive to bridge the gap between creativity and engineering.


Through the considered application of materials, style and a unique approach to the design process Hendzel + Hunt produce innovative and exceptional work.


Around the World in 80 Chairs: Striped Lounger, Flaxmill Bay, NZ


Striped sun lounger outside the Eggcentric Cafe overlooking Flaxmill Bay, Whitianga in the Coromandel Peninsula on New Zealand’s North Island. This cafe serves the best organic ice cream I have ever tasted!



BRC Designs: Re-think, Re-purpose, Re-invent

Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, the founder of BRC Designs describes his passion for creating his pieces and affirms that this talent has been a part of him from an early age.

Binary Chair01-1

“Design and Conceptualization has always come naturally to me… For me, the physical act of making an object is just as important as the cognitive evolution of the concept.”

He adds “Luckily, it’s also something that excites me.”

Binary Table 01 01

BRC Designs is a modern studio furniture company that uses the expertise of a number of highly skilled craftsmen from different backgrounds.


Wingin' It Bed 04

The company makes limited edition objects, one-of-a-kind pieces, and caters for bespoke projects. Benjamin works directly with the materials from the inception of an idea until its completion.

Capped Out Chair 01

He emphasises his love of diversity in the design process.

“If I were forced to work with one material, in one style, using only one process, I would be completely miserable.”

Label Whore Low Table 1

Pockets Rug 1

One of the things that struck me immediately about BRC Designs is it’s eclectic style, Benjamin explains that he is energised by the variety of projects he’s involved in. It appears that multitasking is one of his key strengths, as he successfully manages to balance numerous projects while constantly coming up with new ideas.

“Typically I have five to ten pieces in process at the same time and up to twenty concepts that I am developing; therefore, when I am in the studio working on a piece and come to a point where I need to make a design decision or need a break, I can simply move across the room and focus on a different project.”

Deuces Wild Chair 01

He gets his inspiration from second hand/vintage shops, salvage yards and abandoned warehouses. Sometimes these objects act as a basis for an overall design idea and other times they are used as the raw material for the piece.

Found Concrete Side Table

He focuses on re-purposing objects and materials to give them a new beginning and a new function.

“My objective is to use materials in such a way that I completely transform their original purpose into something new and innovative.”

Halide Chandelier 01

Benjamin achieves this through repetition, arrangement and stripping materials down to their raw essence. He claims that more often than not, the most fascinating aspect of a material lies under its exterior surface. I love tearing things apart to see what interesting parts I can find and wield into something completely unique.

Interweb Chair 1

He aims to create unique pieces by salvaging interesting parts of large items or integrating smaller objects and seeks to dismantle one thing to rebuild it as something entirely different.

“Everyday I am surprised by what materials I stumble across and what ideas pop in my head.”

Korobeiniki Chair 1

BRC Designs is based in Inman, South Carolina and is represented by Industry Gallery, Washington DC

Suicide Chair 01

Suicide Low Table 01

Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Snake

The Chinese New Year brings us into the year of the snake, more specifically this year is the year of the yin water snake. The water snake symbolises luck, wisdom and intellect.

Jian Qiang folding paper

Jian Qiang folding paper photo courtesy of CBi China Bridge

Jian Qiang has been living in Shanghai for the past 30 years, doing odd jobs to survive. Today, he still very active and works as a bicycle guard and a ‘diehard’ paper craftsman.

Paper Planes

Paper planes, photo courtesy of CBi China Bridge

While he guards the neighbourhood’s bikes, he manages to find time to create hand folded characters from reclaimed paper. These creations are used to inspire children, and to pass along as symbols of luck and fortune to families and business owners around him. Occasionally they are also sold to foreigners that admire his creativity.

Paper Snake

Paper snake photo courtesy of CBi China Bridge

CBi China Bridge recognised Jian Qiang’s infectious passion for his craft and have collaborated with him to share the New Year’s zodiac as a symbol of Good Luck and Fortune. They have produced gift boxes which include a short profile of Jian Qiang and a beautifully folded paper snake. These are a perfect way to welcome in the new year and to celebrate the things we love with the people we care about.

Around the World in 80 Chairs: Mosaic Chair, Inman – South Carolina

Inspired by the abstract nature of stained glass windows, the Mosaic Chair 02 consists of half inch frosted tempered glass inset in a steel frame finished in a black auto paint. The goose down cushions are upholstered in red dyed lamb shearling.

Inspired by the abstract nature of stained glass windows, the Mosaic Chair 02 by BRC Designs consists of half inch frosted tempered glass inset in a steel frame finished in a black auto paint. The goose down cushions are upholstered in red dyed lamb shearling. The designer, Benjamin Rollins Caldwell is represented by Industry Gallery located in Washington, DC.

Around the World in 80 Chairs: Mosaic Bench, Tata Beach – New Zealand

Mosaic Bench on Tata Beach near the Abel Tasman National Park, Golden Bay northern New Zealand.

Mosaic Bench on Tata Beach near the Abel Tasman National Park, Golden Bay northern New Zealand.

Mosaic Bench

Mosaic Bench