Rediscovering Traditional Charms: Kelly Swallow’s Patchwork Chairs

Bubble Mad Hatter 1

Kelly Swallow’s beautifully crafted chairs fuses traditional antique furniture with colourful vintage fabrics. The chairs come in a range of unique pattern combinations and styles.


Although the most striking pieces are the vibrant patchwork chairs there are a huge collection of colours and designs to choose from.


Kelly uses vintage fabrics taken from old grain sacks, linen and Art Deco mangle cloths from France, Hungary and Germany, to restore and cover the old chairs, making this a great way of reusing and recycling cloth.



When we first saw Kelly’s designs at the Old Cinema in London we were struck by the playful look of the furniture, however it has been restored to an exceptionally high standard and along with it’s traditional feel these are unique pieces which are made to last.

SONY DSCWhile the more eccentric designs may jump out at you at first sight, there are a range of more subtle colours available to suit different interiors and tastes.


The chairs also come in a variety of sizes and you can even get a patchwork settee or matching chairs that double up as a sofa.SONY DSC


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