Recycled Art Lisbon

Apart from the rich history stunning views and beautiful architecture, Lisbon has a thriving art scene. It has a numerous galleries and museums being home to the fashion museum.

The street art and the diverse culture in the city show that the art scene is still very much alive. While walking up the hill to St Jorge’s castle to admire the view I stumbled upon this little cafe which had a huge recycled sculpture suspended in the middle of the courtyard.



It was made from what looked almost like brillo pads, a large ball of mesh wiring bundled together into a smooth wavy texture. Parts of it were starting to rust, however this only added to its charm and gave it some more colour. It’s simple design and it’s shape allowed it to create an atmosphere and give the courtyard a quirky look. Reworking old materials is a theme in Lisbon, this is evident in design all across the city.

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