Paul Smith at the BIID

At the annual BIID conference Paul Smith gave an impressive speech about contemporary design and the future of interior design.

Paul Smith

He stated that

“We design for a home not a house”

Emphasising that designers must not only think about style but also comfort and practicality. He also stated that it is important to do things because they are right rather than because they are easy, steering designers away from being lazy.

Paul Smith carpet

A lasting practical interior is of course much more valuable and most likely more comfortable than something purely aesthetic. However there needs to be a link between the two allowing beautiful interiors to also be functional and fitting for the home.

Maggie’s Nottingham by Paul Smith photographed by Michael Whelan

The annual conference focused mostly on the state of contemporary design and where things will progress from the present.

Paul Smith spoke about the advantages of collaborations, bringing together a variety of expertise. Working with other interior designers can be a huge advantage and can trigger new areas of creativity and style.

Paul Smith sofa

He described the human mind as cluttered saying

“the inside of our brain is like a room full of things”

but claimed that this mix of contrasts is complementary and can be used to be very positive.

Maggie’s Nottingham by Paul Smith photograph taken from Dezeen

Paul Smith said, maybe most importantly, that it is crucial for interior designers to understand the client’s brief. A good interior designer can understand what his clients want and pulls the brief out from under them.

Maggie’s Nottingham by Paul Smith photograph taken from Dezeen

They must listen to their words and try to dig deeper and get inside their heads to really get a sense of what the client envisions, taking into account all the different aspects of the brief.

Maggies Nottingham by CZWG

He recently designed the interior of Maggie’s Centre for cancer care in Nottingham, England, which is designed essentially for living.

Maggie’s Nottingham by Paul Smith photographed by Michael Whelan

Paul Smith sought to create a comfortable and thought provoking style that also functions to create an atmosphere where both patients and family can relax.

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