A Nod by Matt Ager – Art from Discarded and Found Materials

I recently visited A Nod – a solo exhibition by artist Matt Ager at Space In Between in East London. The exhibition is composed of a series of sculptures and  collages made from used and discarded objects.

Blanket, planket fixture and strap. 2012 Matt Ager

The artist uses materials he has found and reworks them into sculptures and compositions.

Carpet tiles, MDF, steel foot. 2012 Matt Ager

Despite the absence of a single painting in the series, the whole exhibition appears to centre around the artists relationship with painting.

Glass, silicone, steel. 2012. Matt Ager

The theme of pink and yellow colours is evident throughout the works but is born out of coincidence rather than selection.

Aluminium pole, two dusters, steel foot. 2012 Matt Ager

These colours are simply common in the found objects the artist used to assemble his pieces.

Digital laser print on paper. 2012 Matt Ager

What initially appeared to me to be a concrete slab leant against the wall, was actually a concrete cast of a discarded table top complete with water stains.

Wood, plaster, bonding coat, filler. 2012 Matt Ager

When I examined it closely it was incredible how the table top had been transferred directly onto a completely different material with all the precise marks and attributes. Agers work shows how objects can be recreated and presented in a way to completely change their function and quality, from the way he fragments and aligns the pieces to the way they have been positioned in the space to form one single piece of art.


One thought on “A Nod by Matt Ager – Art from Discarded and Found Materials

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    I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Appreciate it!

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