Vintage South Africa – Milnerton Market

I have just returned from my trip to South Africa. I spent several weeks in Cape Town and I went to some great flea markets while I was there.
I particularly enjoyed strolling through ‘Milnerton Market’ which had a great mix of antiques and African tribal art.
The market is set up in a car park opposite the Biscuit Mill with stunning views of Table Mountain. It mainly consists of people selling their goods from their cars or small makeshift stalls. People were selling pieces of African art and various other things such as furniture, antique china, crockery, cutlery, tools, books and other interesting junk.
I met some interesting characters at the Milnerton Market, I Russian guy named Igor who sold nice antique bits and pieces.
The market offers an eclectic mix of antique and modern furniture and crafts from various different cultures within South Africa, which reflects the diverse make up of Cape Town itself.
Anton Kotze -‘the book man’ who sells books he finds and saves from being pulped.  The books are for sale on his old benz he parks at the market along with some African tribal art.  
He made a film called ‘Safari Obscura‘ – safari is Swahili for ‘journey’ and obscura comes from the camera obscura. The film addresses the relationship between African tribal art and humans.
Unlike a lot of Western art, African tribal art is functional and is made to be used. Anton travels across Africa to explore how art fits in with royalty and society, all the way from the beginnings of prehistoric cave paintings to 20th century.

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