Art Is Taking Over London!

I have heard that giant red balls will be appearing in locations all across the UK this summer.

This is a project constructed by Brooklyn based artist Kurt Perschke and has previously taken place in major cities across the globe, such as Sydney, Taipei, Barcelona and Chicago.

The giant 15 feet inflatable RedBalls will come to a number of cities along the UKs south coast before making their way to London. The sculptural performance art is part of the olympic theme for London’s games this summer. RedBalls are wedged between buildings and emerge in unexpected spaces everywhere from bus stops to public toilets and railway arches.

While walking down the street you realise there is a massive bouncy red ball squashed into an alleyway, you look twice and realise it is really there. It’s kinda weird, but makes you smile.

The bright colour and size make them both conspicuous and bizarre, but the playful concept of the RedBalls is set to awaken the imagination of the general public. It livens up spaces that may normally appear dreary or derelict and injects some creativity and colour.

I have to say I’m pretty excited about seeing them, hopefully they’ll be squishy and within reach so I can jump on them too! A bit like this guy…


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