Carpets Reloaded

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Carpet Reloaded uses new cutting-edge techniques to rework and reinterpret Oriental carpets from the first and second halves of the twentieth century. With this collection Golran combines its know-how and experience accrued over the years with creativity and experimentation, anticipating a tendency and channelling it into a new trend. The past, with its materials and traditional weaving techniques, is projected into the present via decolorizing processes and successive monochromatic dyeing stages that give the carpets a new identity. The unique, original results are entirely handmade precious pieces, which are similar in terms of working technique and mood, but all different from each other.

The Decolorized carpets are classic, traditionally hand-knotted carpets that undergo a decolorizing process and are successively dyed with monochromatic vegetable dyes. As each type of yarn and weft react differently to the decolorizing and dyeing process, shading and changing effects are created in a wide array of colours, from the brightest, deepest tones to the palest, most natural ones.


Patchwork carpets, which are also unique pieces, are all handmade by cutting and artfully sewing together vintage carpets that are subsequently dyed with monochromatic vegetable dyes, allowing an array of colours ranging from bright shades to pale, natural ones.

The patchwork technique allows the creation of carpets of the desired size assembled to achieve the desired final visual effect. Indeed, in patchwork the overall composition is pieced together from details, thus enhancing the charm of the decorations and textures of Oriental carpets.
All the sewing is done by hand and using precious yarns according to the ancient art of embroidery.

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