Chaumont sur Loire Garden Festival

With summer gradually approaching and luscious green landscapes thriving with blossoming flowers and trees, many are heading to the annual garden festival in the stunning French Loire valley.

The festival is held in the grounds of the magnificent Château de Chaumont sur Loire. The extensive grounds host a wide range of creative and innovative gardening and design ideas with new creations appearing every year.

The colourful structures and plants are a great source of inspiration for both keep gardeners and those with urban lifestyles who may have limited outside space.

The exhibits range from large structures fitting for communal gardens and public spaces, to vegetable patches or simple quirky backyards.

The styles vary from modern contemporary or traditional to just plain strange.

Some pieces appear more like works of art than gardens.

The use of sustainable materials and watering systems is particularly impressive as landscape architects become more sophisticated and resourceful with their designs. Below is a garden named sculptillonnage, it is made up of sculptures that show gardeners the spaces for biodiversity while being elegant and beautiful in shape. These sculptures are also used as an animal shelters, providing food and drink and being compatible for the creatures that inhabit the garden.

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